VTO type single-pole voltage transformers manufactured by KBP Intra Sro (Czech Republic) meet the highest quality requirements.

The voltage transformer has been designed for outdoor use on medium voltage networks. The cast-resin insulation of voltage transformers is an epoxy mix which is an electric insulant featuring extremely good mechanical properties and withstanding UV radiation and outdoor environmental influences. The voltage transformers is available with one or two secondary windings. The secondary windings are led out to a terminal board. The secondary terminal board has a lockable plastic cover. Secondary cable entry to the secondary terminals is possible through 1 pc of Pg21 packing gland.

The voltage transformer has a galvanized metallic structure resistant to corrosion. Its connector normally designed for earthing is equipped with a durable marking in accordance with relevant specifications.

The device is constructed in such a way that its structure cannot be dismantled and its nameplate cannot be replaced without damaging the calibration mark. These voltage transformers withstand thermal and dynamic impacts caused by an external short-circuit for a period set out in relevant standard.

All components, materials and parts used during the manufacturing process comply with all relevant standards being currently effective and with the generally recognized technical rules. The product does not contain any material containing PCB or asbestos, halogenated hydrocarbons and any other hazardous material to be mandatorily furnished with a descriptive symbol.

The voltage transformer is type tested according to EN 61869-1 and EN 61869-3 standards.

Voltage transformers used for metering for accounting are calibrated by MKEH (Hungarian Trade Licensing Office), Authority of Metrology.

Downloadable catalog:

Medium voltage instrument transformers catalogue

Main technical specifications

Maximum voltage: 36/38.5 kV
Power frequency withstand test voltage: 70/80 kV
Impulse withstand test voltage: 170/180 kV
Nominal primary current: 3000/√3 – 35000/√3 V
Nominal secondary current: 100/√3, 110/√3, 120/√3 V
Accuracy class – measuring core: 0.2, 0.5, 1
Accuracy class – protection core: 3P, 6P
Power: 10, 15, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150 VА
Maximum power: 500 VA
Frequency: 50 Hz
Length creepage: 1230 mm
Insulation temperature class: E
Operating temperature: -5 to + 40 °C
Storage temperature: -50°C to +60°C
Standards: EN 60044-2, EN 61869-1, EN 61869-3, GOST 15 150