The medium voltage indoor and outdoor disconnectors and switch-disconnectors manufactured by ZWAE (Poland) meet high technical standards and operate reliably even under the most extreme ambient conditions. The devices have been designed according to the EN62271-105 and EN 62271-1 standard specifications. Each device is type tested and complies with all rules set out in relevant standards and decrees being effective. For each device, high quality is guaranteed by the use of a quality management system according to ISO9001 and of an environment management system according to ISO 14001. The product portfolio of medium voltage switchgears include units listed below:

Medium voltage outdoor switchgears

  • RS24 – 24 kV type outdoor switch-disconnector
  • ONIIIS – 24 kV type outdoor disconnector

Medium voltage indoor switchgears

  • OM/OMB – 12 – 24kV type indoor switch-disconnectors
  • OW – 12 – 36 kV type indoor disconnector
  • OWS -12 kV type high current disconnector

Downloadable catalog:

Switchgears catalogue