OIT type oil insulated transformers are available for a rated power of up to 5 000 kVA and a rated voltage of up to 72.5 kV.

These transformers have been designed and manufactured according to Decree 548/2015/EU (Ecodesign) issued by the European Commission. The transformers are hallmarked by high quality standard and high reliability, and are manufactured with the use of a quality management system conforming to ISO9001 and of an environment management system according to ISO 14001. All materials used in the manufacture are strictly quality tested in a laboratory at factory.

These transformers are type tested according to IEC 60076 standard specifications. The type tests have been carried out by independent laboratories (CESI, KEMA, TECNALIA, LCOE).

Downloadable catalog:

Oil insulated transformers catalogue

Main technical specifications:

Maximum power: 5000 kVA
Maximum voltage: 72,5kV
Step switch: Yes
Forced cooling: Yes