Our Ars Poetica is “Quality and Confidence”. Our business venture founded in 2010 is owned in 100% by Hungarian owners. Owing to our professional experience obtained in years, our customer-oriented attitude and business strategy, we have reached a dynamic growth in recent years. Our work is hallmarked by professional skill, fond of profession, high quality and reliability. We strive for establishing a long term relation with our customers. Our company uses a properly skilled and greatly experienced staff in order to provide for a high quality work. Based on our professional experience and knowledge of market, we keep adjusting to requirements and trends expected by market. We have customers in every segment of the market, mainly represented by industrial companies, electricity supply companies, electric installers, financial and professional investors. The sphere of activities of our business venture include:

  • Trade
  • Manufacturing transformer substations with concrete housing
  • Designing electric facilities
  • Installing electric facilities
  • Manufacturing LV switchgear units
  • Manufacturing control engineering units
  • Performing service and maintenance of units, equipment.

We do hope that through our website pages we can give you a full picture of our activities, products and professional skill. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or in person.

Electric power management products and solutions

Our company has a wide portfolio in the field of medium voltage electric power distribution, comprising the following groups of products:

– Medium- / low voltage transformer substations in concrete housing
– Medium voltage current and voltage transformers
– Medium- and low voltage cable accessories
– Medium- / low voltage oil transformers and dry transformers
– High voltage transformers
– Medium voltage switchgears
– High voltage switchgears

Solutions on turnkey basis

Our company offers a wide range of services in designing, manufacturing and installing power electric installations and in installing, commissioning and servicing protection systems. We support our customers from industry, construction industry and electricity utility to select an optimum, cost-efficient solution with appropriate lifetime. We work with a properly organized and flexible team comprising a small staff number. Our skill and great professional experience will guarantee a work completed in proper quality for our customers.

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Mechanical connectors and lugs

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Compression joints

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Compression cable lugs

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High voltage accessories

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The medium voltage indoor and outdoor disconnectors and switch-disconnectors manufactured by ZWAE (Poland) meet high technical standards and operate reliably even under the most extreme ambient conditions. The devices have been designed according to the EN62271-105 and EN 62271-1 standard specifications. Each device is type tested and complies with all rules set out in relevant standards and decrees being effective. For each device, high quality is guaranteed by the use of a quality management system according to ISO9001 and of an environment management system according to ISO 14001.

Cable accessories

-Low voltage accessories
-Medium voltage accessories
-Cable lugs, connectors

Nexans has an experience of over 50 years in manufacturing medium voltage cable accessories. Over 100 million cable accessories installed all throughout the world represent appropriate references and guarantee a network operational safety to our customers. Our products have proven that they have a long lifetime even under extreme operating conditions. Each product is type tested, and a strict quality control system applied during the manufacturing process guarantees product reliability.

MV instrument transformers

Indoor apparatus:

– CTS type current transformer
– VTS type voltage transformer
– VTD type voltage transformer

Outdoor apparatus:

– CTSO38 type current transformer
– VTO38 type voltage transformer

The device is constructed in such a way that its structure cannot be dismantled and its nameplate cannot be replaced without damaging the calibration mark.


-Medium-/low voltage oil insulated transformers
-Medium-/low voltage dry-type transformers
-High voltage power transformers

Compact secondary substations

Compact secondary substations types:

– ZKSN type switchgear substation
– KSZ21-29-630kVA transformer substation
– KSZ30-25-1000kVA transformer substation
– KSZ36-25-1600kVA transformer substation
– Special compact secondary substations